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 In 2014, the world of online reviews was broken. It was skewing reputations and hurting local businesses. Enter Podium co-founders, Eric and Dennis. It all started with a tire shop in Canada.

A few years ago, Eric got a frustrated call from his dad. His dad owned a tire shop, and even though he had tons of happy customers, only a handful of angry ones left reviews. He was fed up that his online reputation didn’t reflect his great customer service.

Immediately, it was clear that this was a common problem for business owners. Eric and Dennis got to work creating a product that helped local businesses build an accurate, authentic online reputation through reviews. They quickly went from selling the product door-to-door to occupying a tiny office above a bike store, to adding 600+ others to the team.

Together, we share one core belief: convenience wins.

We started with reviews but realized there were a ton of other problems facing local businesses that we could solve. Now Podium is a multi-product platform that gives businesses and their customers the most convenient experience possible—from reviews to messaging and insights.

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